Christien Rioux

Successful DevSecOps

Organizations are turning out software faster than ever and recognizing their growing risk exposure to potential cyberattacks. Security teams are working with developers to change their approach and learn to integrate security directly into their process. However, as is often the case with implementing a new system-wide approach, establishing standards and best practices can be a daunting challenge.

This 35 minute session will cover what DevSecOps needs to look like in order to be successful.

Christien Rioux Bio

Christien Rioux was co-founder and chief scientist of Veracode,  before it was acquired by CA Technologies in 2017.  He was responsible for the technical vision and design of Veracode’s advanced security technology.

Before founding Veracode, Mr. Rioux was one of the founders of @stake, a security consultancy, as well as a member of L0pht Heavy Industries, a renowned security think tank.

He co-authored the best-selling Windows password auditing tool L0phtCrack and the AntiSniff network intrusion detection system. His other activities with L0pht included significant security research, publication work and public speaking engagements. Mr. Rioux is also responsible for numerous security advisories in many applications, operating systems and environments.

He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1998, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

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