Don’t miss SOURCE Boston 2016!

Everything is coming together, and we’re getting ready for an amazing SOURCE Boston 2016 on May 18th-19th. We are also holding some very special trainings on May 16-17th, 2016.

The full agenda is up on the website, and we think we’ve really pulled something special together. We actually have an Infosec conference that addresses some of the people & communications problems of security that everyone complains about.

Yes, you heard that right. We designed a conference to help address the people problems of security.

Many of you may not know this, but outside of work hours, I’ve spent over a decade doing a whole lot of personal development training. Learning how to teach, learning how to run my businesses, learning how to get out of my own way. I’ve literally invested tens of thousands of dollars training myself how to be a better me. The investment I’ve made in myself has paid for itself many, many times over.

One of the main reasons I acquired the SOURCE Conference last year was to try to infuse some of these elements into a conference format. I helped start the event in 2008, and really wanted to take it to the next level.

So we started with a collection of fantastic security talks – some of the best you’ll hear anywhere, and then infused it with interactive sessions, workshops, networking events, etc.

There’s literally nothing else quite like this out there.

I believe my team and I have really created something special with this event, and I invite all of you to make the time to come. The value we’ve pulled together under one roof is worth many times the ticket price. Hell, the opening keynote alone is going to be worth more than the cost of the full at-the-door ticket price. So are each one of the workshops we’re conducting. And you still get the entire rest of the conference beyond that.

As much as anything, this is my little way of giving back to an industry that I’ve learned and gained so much from. My gift to you. But I promise – if you miss it, you’ll kick yourself when you hear about it from your friends and colleagues. If ever you were going to come to a SOURCE Boston event – this should be the one.

Those of you who know me personally should know by now that when I say something like this, I deliver.

Big Brain Security is thrilled to kick off this season’s SOURCE events with SOURCE Boston on May 18-19th, 2016 and pre-conference trainings on May 16-17th.

Please check out the full agenda & trainings for SOURCE Boston 2016 at

Time is running out – buy your tickets NOW!

Cheers everyone.

Hope to see you all there.

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