Jason Hoenich

Founder & Security Awareness Expert

Company: Habitu8

Jason Hoenich (Founder & Security Awareness Expert at Habitu8)

Jason Hoenich explores the risks related to delivering poor awareness programs due to improper vendor guidance rather than adapting to changing needs and demands of the attack surface and learning behaviors of humans. This presentation is based upon his experience building programs for companies like The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures Entertainment (post attack), and Activision Blizzard.

Security awareness programs have been following the same boring set of guidelines & template since the beginning. The problem is time and time again hacks are the result of simple human error. We can keep doing the same thing and get the same results, or we can move into the next generation of security awareness programs.

Security Awareness 2.0 focuses on making the end-user experience the focus when designing your security awareness program plan. Assessing the culture, customizing learning specific to your audience, creating engaging programs and events, and designing everything around metrics that tell an accurate story.

All of this results in a much more engaging awareness program, greater effectiveness, stronger metrics, and strengthens your incident response team response time & effectiveness.

Jason Hoenich (Founder & Security Awareness Expert at Habitu8)

Jason Hoenich is a security awareness expert most recognized for the world-class programs he created for companies like The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, and Activision Blizzard., as well as the creator of Habitu8’s wildly popular and infectiously funny Hashtag Awareness video series.

He is currently the founder and Chief Product Officer for Habitu8, a security awareness training & content startup in Los Angeles, CA. Habitu8 helps companies build killer security awareness programs using their funny video content and proven security awareness strategy.

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