Adrianna Iadarola

Managing Director, CyberSN

Job Searching Is Broken, It’s Not You!
Cybersecurity professionals know that most recruiters do not speak cybersecurity and this causes passive cyber job seekers to pass over job postings. Existing job postings do not accurately reflect the responsibilities and job functions of the 35 job categories in cybersecurity, and our community posts the same handful of descriptions for all their job postings. Hiring managers and staffing professionals must better understand how to market themselves in an industry with half a million open jobs in the US.

Adrianna will share key information, tactics, and advice in this talk. She will empower job seekers to self-market, evaluate recruiters, ace the interview, and successfully negotiate salary and will share tips for hiring managers and staffing professionals to target and attract their ideal candidates.

Adrianna Iadarola is a Managing Director at CyberSN, the nations’ largest cybersecurity staffing firm. She oversees the business development and client servicing for the entire New England region. Before joining CyberSN, she worked in the tech staffing field for 10 years. Iadarola has been instrumental in growing and developing the CyberSN footprint through building strategic partnerships, stellar leadership attributes, and her willingness to work side by side with cybersecurity hiring managers and candidates to help them find the perfect fit. She is a champion for increasing the amount of women in tech and cybersecurity positions and was an early ambassador of the not-for-profit org Brainbabe. She resides in Northern MA with her son. She has worked with the Girl Scouts of America on their cybersecurity patches and enjoys boxing.

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