Anand Srinivas

CTO & Co-founder, Nyansa, Inc.

The wild wild west of IoT Security in the Enterprise

As organizations deploy non-traditional networked devices to address business critical initiatives, they face new challenges of how to codify and control the behavior, performance and security of these devices. For instance, connected infusion pumps, EKG machines, and smart temperature sensors in healthcare; smart robots, connected tools and barcode scanners in manufacturing and distribution, and even esoteric connected devices such as smart lights, speakers, digital frames, 3D-printers, etc. in any industry. These modern IoT devices create unique threats that differ from other connected devices, rendering traditional security tools ineffective.

This talk will describe the challenges and techniques required to secure these IoT devices, starting with (1) Automatically Identifying them, (2) Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to understand their “normal” behavior and detecting deviations, (3) Taking action to secure abnormally behaving devices, and (4) Using proper network segmentation to prevent future issues. Examples from live environments will be used to show the kind of wild wild west IoT environment enterprise Security and IT teams have to deal with and the methods for doing so.


Anand Srinivas is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Nyansa, performance analytics and IoT security company in Palo Alto, Calif.

Prior to starting Nyansa in 2013, Anand was an SDN/NFV Consultant for Overture Networks, and prior to that, he was the Lead Algorithms Architect at Plexxi Inc, responsible for core contributions to SDN system architecture, algorithmic architecture and protocol/API design.

Earlier in his career, Anand worked as a Senior Systems Engineer and Principal Engineer for Airvana, where he was responsible for detailed algorithm specifications for LTE product differentiators.

Anand holds a B.A.Sc in Computer Engineering from University of Toronto. He also holds an S.M., Dual in EECS and Aero-Astro and a PhD in Wireless Networking and Algorithms from MIT.

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