Patrick Colford

Security Analyst, Cisco Umbrella

The Bottom of the Barrel

Started in 2002, has become the largest service of its kind in the world, serving 18 million visitors monthly and hosting 95 million pastes. Though used for lots of legitimate content, malicious actors have been using the site to distribute obfuscated malware and other malicious content for years. In this presentation, I’ll demonstrate FIERCECROISSANT, an open source tool for scraping Pastebin and decoding obfuscated malware. I’ll also talk about how to tailor FC to your needs, whether that’s to find data dumps, malicious pastes, or other potentially harmful content.


Patrick Colford is a Security Analyst with Cisco Umbrella (formerly OpenDNS). Formerly a Customer Service Representative with nearly 10 years of experience, he joined the analyst team in 2016 to help support Umbrella’s London office. He is passionate about security education and hopes to inspire people all over the world to learn more about whatever interests them.

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