Application Security Risk for Executives and Managers

Rob Cheyne

Big Brain Security

Rob Cheyne is a highly regarded technologist, trainer, security expert and serial entrepreneur. He has 25 years of experience in the information technology field and has been working in information security since 1998. Rob has led information security training classes for over 25,000 people across many industry-leading global organizations, and consults regularly with Fortune 500 clients. Rob is the founder and CEO of Big Brain Security and the Executive Director of the SOURCE conferences. Previously, Rob was the co-founder and CEO of Safelight, a leading provider of information security education programs that was acquired by Security Innovation in July 2014. He was was also an early employee of @stake, a well-known pioneer in information security consulting. Rob was the author of LC4, a version of the award-winning L0phtCrack password auditing tool, and he also worked on the code scanning technology that was eventually spun off as Veracode. Rob regularly speaks at security and training conferences, and frequently presents to the local chapters of various security organizations.

“Application Security Risk for Executives and Managers”

Do you struggle to understand the things that your development teams worry about? Do you struggle to understand what your security team worries about?

There are two huge communication gaps in practically every business environment. The gap between business and technical folks, and the even bigger gap between business and security folks.

This interactive workshop covers the major areas of application risk that must be addressed in a way that anyone can understand it.

Over many years of teaching Infosec classes to developers, the #1 question was “this is great stuff, please tell my boss.” This is the class that answers that question.

Whether you are a manager of a technical team, or an executive at a company that has development teams, this class is an invaluable way to get up to speed quickly on today’s application security risks.

Your instructor, Rob Cheyne, has taught information security to over 25,000 people around the world over the past 10 years, and has over 25 years of IT-related experience. He has a knack for explaining technical concepts in a way that everyone in the room gets it.

Target Audience:
Managers, executives, and anyone who wants to participate in frank discussion of today’s application security risks.

Topics covered include:
– Learn how real-world attacks occur
– How teams can successfully mitigate the risk of attacks
– How to support your teams’ information security goals
– The most overlooked risk that every company has
– How to understand and communicate with technical people
– How to keep up with today’s information security risks

When: Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018, 9am-5pm

Full Ticket Price:    $499 

Early-Bird:                $299 (avail through 02/15/18)

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