Paul Hinkle

Director of Application Security

Company: Global Financial Services Firm

Paul Hinkle is a Director of Application Security at a global financial services firm. He has passion for sharing his knowledge and experience in information security and application development. Paul started his professional life developing systems in the fields of bioinformatics and, later, B2B systems integration. Prior to joining his current employer, Paul was a co-founder and CTO at Safelight Security Advisors, a company focused on information security training and, before that, worked at @stake building and delivering instructor-led information security training.


It’s Broke


Understanding and knowing how to test for each of the issues in the OWASP Top Ten is not enough for a Pen Tester – but it is a starting point. Paul Hinkle will walk you through each of the issues in the OWASP Top Ten 2017 with occasional deep dives into particular areas of interest and will give pointers on how to familiarize yourself with these issues, tools to explore, and areas for you to research in your professional development quest.


How Broke is It?


Finding vulnerabilities is only one component of a successful information security practice or career. Taking the next step after you have mastered vulnerability discovery requires understanding how to balance security risk versus business risk. In this session, Paul Hinkle will introduce you to the importance of balancing these risks, tools for understanding and managing each, and an understanding of which paths you can take as you work to level up – professionally or organizationally.

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