Rocio Baeza

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• Rocio will share her observations in the quest of building security compliance programs with startups, emerging tech companies, and established enterprises
• As a preview, it includes the include the following:
o Security policies are long, filled with jargon, and difficult to follow
o Security training programs are oftentimes a waste of valuable resources
o Security audits feel like a setup to pay someone to tell you what you already know
• Why is this a problem? The average consumer, like you and me are the one’s that have the most to lose here. This will be obvious in a decade or so, let’s not wait to be smacked with that reality.
• What is the solution? A different model that empowers tech leaders, starting with making your Security Policy 1/10 of it’s current size.

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Rocio Baeza is Chief Information Security Officer at Jemurai. She studied Mathematics at The University of Chicago, embracing her nerdiness in problem-solving. She enjoys helping high-growth digital companies get started with security. Rocio has a passion for securing personal data, so much so, she founded with a simple mission to simplify things. We have all realized that we need to rely on data to make informed decisions. Organizations have made significant investments in collecting and aggregating data to service their customers. In that journey, Rocio believes that the security industry has failed to keep up. The result is a spike in organizations left struggling to secure data. This leaves consumers like you and me in a vulnerable position. This is unacceptable and Rocio is on a mission to help change that.

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