Roxy Dee

Vulnerability Management Services Architect at Hurricane Labs

CVEs are the standard source for vulnerability details and descriptions. Infosec professionals use CVEs to understand vulnerabilities and what can be done to prevent them. However, if you are not familiar with them, CVEs can also look like a giant mess.

This talk will serve as a guide to CVEs, different types of vulnerabilities, and the terminology you may encounter. Additionally, you will learn the vectors involved that influence the scoring of vulnerabilities and ways you can utilize CVEs to assist in vulnerability management.

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Roxy works as a Vulnerability Management Services Architect for the Cleveland-based, Splunk-focused MSSP Hurricane Labs. Her position at Hurricane allows her to further explore, expand, and share perspectives about one of her favorite topics — vulnerability management.

Her background also includes experiences as a network security analyst, a security infrastructure engineer, and detecting online banking fraud. Some of her favorite things are Linux, penguins, RFCs, and discussing anything infosec.

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