Garett Montgomery

Security Researcher, Ixia/Keysight

Target-Based Security Model – Mapping Attacks to Controls
Have you ever been asked ‘what is the best way to protect against $ATTACK’? (usually shortly after $ATTACK makes headlines). Have you ever been challenged to provide the reasoning behind your suggestion? If you were in a room full of experts, would your reasoning hold up under scrutiny?
If you were in a room full of your security-savvy peers, chances are, you’d quickly come to a consensus on the ‘best’ control (!= device) to protect against $ATTACK. But do you know WHY it’s the ‘best’?
Come join us as we formally introduce the Target-Based Security Model – essentially the Security version of the OSI model. We’ll talk about the genesis of the model, break down the specifics, and of course provide a number of use cases showing how it can be used to make the world a better place if we all agree to use it.
Garett Montgomery Bio

For the last 6+ years Garett Montgomery has been a Security Researcher at BreakingPoint (since acquired by Ixia; since acquired by KeySight).
Prior to that he had been an IPS signature developer and Security Analyst.

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