Harry Sverdlove

Founder and CTO, Edgewise Networks

From Zero to Hero: Zero Trust Networking Distilled

Traditional network security is based almost entirely on addresses, ports, and protocols. These constructs are poorly equipped to describe a world of dynamic cloud computing, containers, remote users, and BYOD. As such, most companies have been left to create hardened perimeters, with lax controls on the inside that assume once an entity is inside it is trustworthy. As continued high profile breaches demonstrate, this is a failing model. The attacker will breach the perimeter, and when they do, moving laterally to achieve objectives becomes simply a matter of time.

You can no longer assume devices, applications, and users are trustworthy simply because they are inside your perimeter. Zero Trust Networking is a model that changes the way we look at security. A zero trust model assumes that all entities are untrustworthy. By adopting this model, you are able to take a more realistic view of the risk within your network and take action to improve your security.

In this session, we will discuss the specific steps you can take to map out your data flows in your network, identify sensitive or proprietary communications, design policies that secure those flows while assuming all other communication is untrustworthy, and continuously monitor for change. You will also learn how other organizations, like Google and Netflix, are applying this model in their own networks to design secure systems in a world that is inherently insecure.

Harry Sverdlove, Edgewise’s Chief Technology Officer, was previously CTO of Carbon Black, where he was the key driving force behind their industry-leading endpoint security platform. Earlier in his career, Harry was principal research scientist for McAfee, Inc., where he supervised the architecture of crawlers, spam detectors and link analyzers. Prior to that, Harry was director of engineering at Compuware Corporation (formerly NuMega), and principal architect for Rational Software, where he designed the core automation engine for Rational Robot.

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