Jonathan Schaaf

Staff Product Security Analyst, GE Healthcare Digital

Medical Device Threat Modeling with Templates

Modern medical Devices contain many software components and are growing exponentially in complexity. The medical devices environment has typically struggled to threat model while the practice has become standard procedure for software systems. To help solve the problem for our engineering teams, we created a threat model template that combines the software and medical device specific threat modeling specifics together. We will demonstrate our creation and show how it’s lessons learned potentially apply to other IoT domains.

Jonathan Schaaf Bio:

Jonathan Schaaf is a Product Development Security Specialist at GE Healthcare. He works with diagnostic imaging teams to help them hunt down and destroy security vulnerabilities. Schaaf is a Linux guy but fancies himself a jack of all trades. He’s particularly passionate about software that is critical to human life, and previously wrote software in the aviation industry. Schaaf has his private pilot’s license and enjoys using it to explore Wisconsin.

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