Kicking off SOURCE Seattle 2016!

Like last year, we’ll be finishing off this year’s events in Seattle. The dates for the SOURCE Seattle event are as follows:

SOURCE Trainings: October 10-11th, 2016

SOURCE Conference: October 12-13th, 2016

We’re looking forward to continuing our theme of People & Process in Security in both Dublin & Seattle, and we’ll have an excellent line-up of speakers, trainings, keynotes, and workshops at both events.

Some quick Seattle announcements:

– The CFP is open NOW! Please start submitting your talks.

– We are currently running a flash sale for the next few weeks. Your best deal on tickets is now!

– We are running some really great trainings this year. If you buy a Seattle training ticket by August 7th, you will receive a FREE SOURCE Seattle conference ticket. Don’t wait!

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