Mike Murray

Chief Security Officer, Lookout

Keynote: A Blip in Time: The birth, life and death of the security perimeter

The past 15 years of security has focused almost entirely on the existence of solid network perimeters and controls that are applied there.  Whether the traditional firewall, web content filtering proxies or email security solutions, most solutions have relied on the existence of the “hard crunchy exterior”.   While it is in vogue to talk about the death of the perimeter, Lookout’s Chief Security Officer Mike Murray will talk about the importance of the perimeter to the evolution of security controls and where its place is in the modern world.   Perimieter controls evolved as our technology landscape has evolved, and this talk will focus on the benefits of perimeter-based controls and how those benefits need to replicated in a world where the existence of a network-based perimeter has largely disappeared in a world of encrypted messaging, social media, and ubiquitous mobility.   In order to discuss securing the future, we will examine the history of network-based perimeter controls, why they evolved and how the evolution of technology has forced us to learn to replicate perimieter security in a post-perimeter world.

Mike Murray is the Chief Security Officer at Lookout. For nearly two decades, Mike has focused on high-end security research, first as a researcher and penetration tester and then building and leading teams of highly skilled security professionals. He previously lead Product Development Security at GE Healthcare, where he built a global team to secure the Healthcare Internet of Things. Prior to that, he co-founded The Hacker Academy and MAD Security, and has held leadership positions at companies including nCircle Network Security, Liberty Mutual Insurance and Neohapsis.

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