Rafal Los, Managing Director, Solution & Program Insight, Optiv

Rafal Los

Managing Director, Solution & Program Insight

Company: Optiv

Title:  How to lose friends and alienate people (in enterprise security)

Abstract: Security professionals have it rough. When you’re not fighting 31 flavors of bad guys, you’re fighting the users or each other. Security isn’t a day job, it’s a lifestyle that can chew you up and leave you with a bitter, jaded, and hopeless view of the world. I think it’s time for a stark self-reflection on who we are, what we do, and why any of this matters – before we can think about how to carry our profession forward into the next decade and beyond. Yeah, us security people have it rough … or do we?


Rafal Los brings a blend of pragmatism and thought leadership in his approach to enterprise information security. As managing director, solutions research and development at Optiv, Los helps organizations build mature, defensible and operationally efficient security programs. Leveraging over 15 years of technical, consulting and management skills his team researches, develops and delivers program strategy frameworks, maturity models, and provides operational guidance from across industry verticals and varying maturity levels.
Los previously worked at Acccuvant. Prior to that, he served as principal, strategic security services at HP Enterprise Security Services. Los developed a methodology for refocusing enterprise security programs through an assessment and threat-centric approach, directly aligning security to business value. While there, he developed new services-based offerings from concept through prototype and launch stages, and spearheaded a cross-business task team to develop new use cases for products and service offerings within the existing portfolio. Previously at HP, Los served several diverse roles including security strategist in enterprise security products where he advised customers on implementing practical solutions. He also wrote and maintained the top blog in HP Software, “Following the White Rabbit.” Prior to HP, Los held various positions at GE Energy, EnterEdge Technology and Envestnet PMC. Los is an advocate for focus on sound security fundamentals and for the principles of “proportional, common sense security.” He has been contributor to open standards and various organizations such as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and the Cloud Security Alliance. He has served as a speaker at conferences such as Black Hat, ISSA International, InfoSec World and many others. In addition, he maintains a regular column in SecurityWeek and contributes to other community forums. Los received his bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from Concordia University.

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