Roy Wattanasin

How To “Be All You Can Be” in Your Career

Come to this talk to hear hints and tricks of how to continually accelerate your career in information security or IT to “be all you can be!” Roy will provide a history of how he got started in security and how he was able to excel in his positions during his 20+ year career. This talk will be exciting and geared toward everyone: no matter at what point you are – new, seasoned professional or someone looking for a change. Roy brings along 10+ years of being a healthcare adjunct information security faculty member and as a mentor to graduate students. He additionally has been part of many organizations along the way specifically in the Boston area. This is a talk that you will not want to miss and there will be lessons-learned and resources that can be used right away. Additionally, bring your questions as there will be adequate time to this informal session!


Roy Wattanasin @wr0 is an information security leader in healthcare and a faculty member of over 10+ years. He has experience in many industries and spends most of his time developing information security programs, teaching students and helping to build the local communities. Roy is an avid speaker who has spoken at many conferences and webinars around the world. Roy is also a member of multiple advisory groups including OWASP Boston etc. He was an adjunct instructor at Brandeis University as part of the Health and Medical Informatics and Information Security Master’s degree programs. He is also co-founder of the Health & Medical Informatics program and credited for bringing back Security BSides Boston many years ago.

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