SOURCE Seattle Highlights

SOURCE Seattle is almost here. We have some great speakers & trainings lined up, and some full agenda of activities planned.

Things to take note of:

We’re hosting three great trainings on Monday & Tuesday:

– InfoSec Train the Trainer – Learn to teach and present like a pro!

– Application Security Risk for Executives and Managers – The infosec course that everyone on the business side of the house should attend.

– Metasploit Basics by Mubix – A two-day course on one of the most popular security tools out there.

These are all classes that are rarely held in the Seattle area, so don’t miss out. More info here.We’re also going to have some fantastic speakers and keynotes.

Keynote highlights:

Richard Thieme’s “Play through the Pain” – Richard will be sharing his highly regarded talk on the psychological impact of working a job that you’re not allowed to talk about. He gave this one at SOURCE Boston this year, and has been around the speaking circuit with it, including at Defcon this year. This is a rarely-discussed, but highly compelling and important topic.

Diedre Diamond’s “Words to Stop Using Now”. Deidre will be discussing one of the most important topics in Information Security – communication! We love people-related talks, and Deidre delivered this wonderful talk at SOURCE Boston this year.

Masha Sedova’s “Expanding the Blue Team by Building a Security Culture Program”

Masha will discuss a real-world security culture program that was rolled out at Salesforce. Come learn from their lessons!

Michael Roytman’s “Mr. Human – Vulnerability Management from the Attacker’s Perspective”

Michael’s metrics talks are always amazing and provide a deeper perspective. Michael will be looking not just at the security metrics we use, but how to evaluate if the metrics we are using are the right ones.

Rob Cheyne’s “How I teach security”

Rob has taught information security to over 25,000 people, and will share his best tips and tricks for communicating security topics to the masses. Rob believe that anyone can be taught security if you go about it in the right way. Come learn how.

And of course, we have the usual selection of fantastic speakers, workshops, interactive sessions that SOURCE is known for.

If you’re in Seattle on the week of October 10th, this is one you won’t want to miss!

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