Dr. Stacy Thayer

Put your Oxygen Mask on Before Assisting Others: Self Care and Security

For many, working in the security industry means you are responsibly for protecting your company or clients from an attack.  You ensure that proper care is implemented in order with withstand a breach or security incident.  While we may excel at giving proper care to security protocols,  how often do we take the time (or have the time) to consider our own state of being?  What happens when we are so busy taking care of everything else that we forget about ourselves?  This talk will discuss the importance of self care in the workplace and how it can have a positive impact in all areas of life.  Discuss strategies for avoiding burnout, alcohol and drug addiction or overconsumption, and the risk they can pose to your career.  Learn about concerns and roadblocks to self-care, as well as how to find the find and resources.

Tips for stress management, mental wellness, effective communication skills, work/life balance, and self-awareness will also be presented.  

Dr. Stacy Thayer Bio:

Dr. Stacy Thayer has over 20 years’ experience working with professionals in the technical and security industry, and a PhD in Clinical and Organizational/Business Psychology. Her clinical research has explored online communication as it relates to depression and anxiety, and factors that contribute to job satisfaction in the technology sector, and on burnout in the security industry. Her work in organizational and business psychology focuses on bridging the communication gap between technical and nontechnical working professionals. She is passionate about creating a positive and thriving working environment that will help support individual strengths and successes. Thayer was the Founder and Executive Director of SOURCE Conferences in Boston, Seattle, Barcelona, and Dublin before it was acquired in 2014 by Big Brain Security.  Thayer is currently going to school for an MBA and teaching Cyberpsychology and Behavior at California Lutheran University.

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